Final Paper Submission


ICEAA - IEEE APWC- FEM requires paper registration (REGISTRATION guidelines). Early registration of at least one author, accompanied by full payment of the registration fee, is requested by June 3, 2019.

Final papers must be in PDF format and are due electronically by June 3, 2019.

The final work must be in one of the two formats:

  1. A Full final paper (min two pages, max six pages) prepared by following the IEEE conference A4 size templates available at IEEE Author Center
  2. A one full page updated Abstract with at least 400 words following the rules of the abstract template available here.

The final version of the work will be published in the USB Conference proceedings and will be submitted to IEEE XPLORE for possible inclusion. As per IEEE policy, all the final works will be further reviewed and checked for originality with Cross-Check [IEEE recommends 70% of originality]. As in the past, there is no doubt that the full final papers will be available in IEEE XPLORE. The final abstracts are something new. We expect that also the final abstracts will be available in IEEE XPLORE but, as said, the final decision on that is taken by IEEE XPLORE.

Each final paper must adhere to the IEEE Xplore PDF specifications. Please, in order to generate an IEEE Xplore Compliant PDF document, check your PDF document or convert your document using the free IEEE PDF eXpress service. To access IEEE PDF eXpress, use the link and use as Conference ID: 44680X. IEEE PDF eXpress requires a first login registration for new users.

Papers in either of the two formats must be submitted electronically on-line with the web server interface.
(see link at the bottom).

Please notice that the data you will introduce in the "electronic final paper submission form" will be used as you type them to prepare the Index of the Conference Proceedings.

While submitting your final paper you will be asked to electronically generate and submit in PDF format the IEEE eCopyright form relative to your final accepted paper. You will be asked to enter your abstract number and select the appropriate conference (ICEAA or IEEE APWC). If you have any doubts about the name of the conference associated with your final paper you can retrieve it by starting the electronic Final Paper Submission (see link at the bottom): the conference name is reported on page two.

To retrieve/check the conference name you selected during the abstract submission you can enter electric Final Paper Submission (see link at the bottom): the conference selected is reported in the field SESSION and at the end of the submission procedure.

To generate the IEEE eCopyright form use the following links according to the selected Conference:



Papers without a valid IEEE COPYRIGHT FORM will not be published!

(Authors that do not want to include their paper in IEEE Xplore should clarify their intention via email to with subject NO IEEE XPLORE FOR PAPER NUMBER ###, although all final papers must be IEEE Xplore compliant.)

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