ICEAA-IEEE APWC is constituted only by oral sessions.

As required by IEEE, papers that are not presented by an author will not be posted in the conference proceedings on IEEE Xplore.

Each session room will be equipped with a personal computer (Windows OS) running Microsoft Office  and the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Each room will have a projection screen, and the computer will be connected to an appropriate LCD projector. Authors will not be permitted to use their own laptop computers for their presentations. Authors should ensure that their presentations are loaded onto the computer in their assigned session room during breaks.

Presentations should be loaded onto the computers in the session rooms using a USB flash memory stick. It is requested that you do not use a U3-enabled flash memory stick (for example, most recent SanDisk brand memory sticks are U3 enabled).

Authors' presentation files should be in either PowerPoint or PDF format. You must make sure that your presentation contains all of the fonts and any auxiliary or multimedia files needed, and that these files are copied on to the session room computer.

If you are generating an Adobe PDF file of your presentation, please make sure that you embed all fonts. The normal TrueType or OpenType fonts installed with Windows and Office should be available on the projection computers. The use of Adobe Type 3 fonts (common in some installations of LaTex, for example) is strongly discouraged: such fonts do not scale well, and tend to produce very poor results when projected.

Finally, please try to minimize any potential problems by taking advantage of redundancy whenever possible: save and bring your presentation in multiple formats (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF), store your presentation in more than one USB flash memory stick, and hand carry your presentation during travel.

Available software:
Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Reader, VLC Media Player, 7-Zip,Mozilla Firefox