Venice can be reached by train, plane, or car, but the only means of getting around the city (other than on foot) are the vaporetto (the public water bus) and the water taxi.

Certainly, traveling by train is the most convenient way to get to Venice from other cities in Italy, such as Rome and Florence. Reaching Venice by train can also be convenient for those arriving from outside Italy, especially considering the numerous cheap flights that land in nearby cities, such as Milan. The Santa Lucia station is the main railway station of Venice, very close to the historic city and final destination of many Italian trains. It is one of the largest railway stations in Italy and has numerous platforms. We recommend that inexperienced travelers departing from this station arrive early, in order to know in due time where their train departs from. The "vaporetti" (public water buses) stop right in front of the Santa Lucia train station and the stop is called "La Ferrovia". From this landing place you can take one of these boats, whose numerous lines cross the canals of Venice and the nearby islands.

The main airports serving Venice are Marco Polo in Tessera and Sant'Angelo in Treviso, both located not far from the city. Other airports not too far from Venice are those of Verona or Brescia (see The Marco Polo Airport is located 4.3 miles (8 km) to the north of Venice. It is Venice’s international airport with the largest number of passengers. Information on how to get to Venice from this airport are available at

The Treviso Airport is located 25 miles (40 km) north of Venice and is mainly used by low-cost carriers like Ryanair and Wizz Air. The airport is officially called Canova Airport, after the Italian sculptor Antonio Canova, although it is widely referred to as Treviso Airport. The installation is truly small and is impossible to get lost in. Every year it transports a little more than one million passengers. Information on how to get to Venice from this airport are available at

Finally, getting to Venice by car is quite easy but sometimes the parking lots are inadequate for the number of tourists who visit the city. There are car parks that allow you to reach the city and the various jetties on foot in a few minutes, but if you stay in the city for several days, they could become economically not convenient, and on the occasion of major events (such as New Year's Eve in Venice) they are often complete. The largest and most convenient car park to access the historic city (but not the most convenient from a cost point of view) is certainly the "Autorimessa Comunale" (the Municipal Garage) near Piazzale Roma (which is close to the Santa Lucia train station), with its 2182 parking spaces and 300 motorcycle parking spaces arranged over 6 floors, with 10 parking lots and 2 terraces. A few meters from this garage there are the embarkations of all the public transport lines (ACTV) that allow you to easily reach every place in the city, as well as the islands of the Lagoon. This garage is open 24 hours a day every day of the year and the daily rates depend on the size of the car and if you arrive in Venice by motorbike rather than by car. There are cheaper car parks than those in Piazzale Roma. For example, you could park in Mestre and then reach Venice by public transport (in a few minutes) and at a ridiculously low price (with a bus or a train). In particular, the parking at the Venice-Mestre train station does not have an excessive daily cost (it also has a high capacity) and allows you to arrive by train in Venice Santa Lucia in just over 10 minutes (better to book in advance).

All trains to Venice (Santa Lucia station) also stop at the Venice-Mestre station; and there is a train every 10 max 20 minutes approximately. The efficiency of the public transport network (the inconveniences encountered are limited to night hours, where the frequency of the races decreases) is also guaranteed during special events such as the Lido Film Festival. Basically, our advice is to book in advance the parking space for your car, which will probably allow you to save money. You can buy your parking in Venice online by clicking here